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Design für soziale Auswirkungen

D E S I G N   f o r   S O C I A L   I M P A C T S

'The Power of the People' portrays the power of civic engagement

We encourage people to actively engage in political participation by using everyday objects despite the norm of low self-expression.

Project title: The Power of the People

Designed by: SolidSprout

In response to political instability, we portrays the importance of self-expression as a process to create democratic consequences in the nation. For almost a decade, there was a decline in civic activism in Thai culture due to the 'shang man' culture (ช่างมัน [pronounced: shang-man] means 'something doesn't matter, just forget it'). However, mass expression can be a way that the citizen can show their point of view and empower one another to be driven by self-expression values.

Design to hear every single voice.

To create such a political engaging society, the channel in which the people express their thoughts should be very simple, for example, they may raise a red object to signify their disagreement to the current political activity, while some others may raise green objects to show their support to the political decisions happened on that day.

The mindset of being able to govern ones' own lives and to initiate protest activities whenever the politics start to contradictedly intervene into people's affairs is the reflection of the democratic environment of the society. With this in mind, the abilities of the citizen to express their own thoughts whether they agree or disagree with the political actions are also the basis to human rights. The differences in the ways the people express their political point of view also create an atmosphere for social diversity, respect and acceptance to one and every voice.

SolidSprout Co., Ltd.

Design for Social Impacts

We use designs to help organizations and people reduce their negative footprints while creating positive social impacts.

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